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"I'm not interested in blind optimism, but I'm very interested in optimism that is hard-won, that takes on darkness and then says, 'This is not enough.'" Colum McCann




In our experience, “Impairment + Barrier = Disability” (thanks Greg Alchin!)

By all means, let’s work on reducing/eliminating the impairments/disadvantages we variously live with; but at the same time, let us remove the various barriers we encounter.

Cerebral Palsy could most definitely be styled an ‘impairment’; yet, as my son and I have discovered time and time again; when barriers are removed, that impairment need no longer be experienced as a ‘disability’.

My son’s quadriplegia has not held him back. His skill, determination and joie-de-vive, coupled with Apple Accessibility, mean that he can truly say “disability? My arse!”

Let’s name the barriers when we encounter them and work to have them removed, so that we all may share in the liberation.



Another look at Kerb Cuts and Inclusive Technology

I was asked to present briefly at the QLD Dept of Communities, Clinicians Conference: “The Future is Now” in June, to introduce Allied Health Professionals to Apple Accessibility features from a Carer’s/Parent’s perspective. The presentation was not recorded, but I was asked to make a section of the content of the presentation available via video; so here it is!

This is my first attempt at this particular format – multiple video recordings of the same script against a ‘green screen’, and I haven’t perfected the technique yet; but I’ve decided to make the video available anyway in the spirit of getting something ‘out there’; rather than withholding it while I labour over it to make it perfect.

I’m getting set to use this approach to create a series of ‘snapshot’ and ‘in-depth’ videos from my perspective about all of Apple’s accessibility features.

Any and all feedback is welcome.

Molly’s Watch

This is quite l0ng, but a fantastic post from Molly Watt, who lives with Usher Syndrome, about her experiences with her Apple Watch.

She writes…

“I fully intended to return my applewatch within 14 days, however, it transported me on a journey into a new world of accessibility, confidence and independence.

I…have been so impressed by what it has done for me that I set up a fundraising campaign to help fund applewatch for others living with Usher Syndrome.”

Well worth a read…


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