Garry lives in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Since 2003, he has been the primary carer for his son, Christopher, who has been quadriplegic with cerebral palsy since birth. Garry’s years as a carer and parent have been personally very challenging. He has often struggled as he dedicated himself to develop the skills and attitude needed to care full-time for a person with profound physical disabilities. Along the way, he has learned a lot about himself; not all of it pretty!

He has also had to develop an intimate acquaintance with all manner of assistive and inclusive technologies; primarily with switch access, and most recently with ‘Switch Control’, Apple’s accessibility feature built into all Macs and iOS devices.

Switch Control – and all the things it has made possible for Christopher – has changed their lives.

In a ‘past life’, Garry was an educator. He has designed, developed and facilitated several online vocational and undergraduate courses and participated in curriculum design and oversight.

In 2015, Garry was invited to become an Accessibility Ambassador and in 2016 he joined the Apple Consultants Network.

His new-found optimism makes him passionate about helping parents, carers, service professionals and educators understand and make the most of the life-changing, inclusive technologies that are currently available.